Hi there, I'm Gina!

I have experienced a number of adversities, successes, and unique circumstances in my life and I know they were not for nothing. You have your own personal experience as well and if you are like me, it may be difficult to discern how your life story connects in all areas of your personal life and career.

My purpose is to inspire others to persevere through tragedy, adversity, betrayal, and disappointment. I've cultivated resilience as a woman with a once-broken heart, now mended and healed by the transformative blood of Jesus through the profound act of forgiveness. Having walked the path of restoration, I aim to be a catalyst, motivating others to transform their pain and suffering into a redemptive life that unmistakably radiates the Glory of God.

This mission unfolds through various channels to help you, where I synergize my 25-year nonprofit expertise, my accomplishments as a 7-time State Championship cheerleading coach, my role as a small business owner, and the foundation of my personal life experiences. Though seemingly unrelated, these elements seamlessly come together to inspire audiences during my inspirational presentations, stimulate strategic vision in workplaces through consulting, and ignite leaders with direction and confidence in coaching sessions.

I'm your biggest cheerleader

I have been a cheer coach since I was a cheerleader myself and as a seven-time State Championship cheer coach, I will be your biggest cheerleader.  When I speak, I motivate audiences to overcome adversities and thrive in life. As a consultant and coach, I will help you get focused and excited about your strategy and goals while keeping you accountable and on track. 


Personal Life

  • Rob and I have been married since 2004. He is a teacher and a high school football coach.
  • Our son RJ is a competitive all star cheerleader. He is flexible beyond comprehension. If you see him, he is probably upside down flipping. 
  • We are the support-humans for our extremely hyper and  anxious dog Lily.
  • I am a 6th-generation Colorado native who loves to hike and run in this beautiful state. 

My Entire Family

This is a reflection of my family. In 2007 our son David died at birth and in 2008 our son Ethan died at birth. After these losses we experienced two miscarriages and were told by a geneticist that we could not have a healthy boy. We took this photograph when it would have been David's 10th birthday. We remember our babies in many ways to this day. Feel free to ask me about my entire family.  Our miracle boy RJ loves sharing about his big brothers!

*Photography by Cliff Lawson

Cheer Coach Academy

Cheer Coach Academy

Cheer Coach Academy is an online resource for school cheer coaches. I created CCA because I had been working with a number of cheer coaches one-on-one and I wanted to help more!  If you are a cheer coach or know someone who would benefit from this resource, check it out!

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